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The purposes of the association is to:

1. Provide persons engaged in the design, installation, maintenance, and regulation of on-site wastewater treatment and disposal systems an association through which lawful efforts may be made towards solving problems of on-site wastewater with the result that the general public shall receive the highest possible standard of safe, sanitary and environmentally sound on-site wastewater service.
2. Provide a forum for research, exchange of ideas, information and technology among private industry, professionals and government policy makers and regulators.
3. Develop programs to further the education, training and certification of persons involved in design, installation, maintenance and regulation of on-site systems.
4. Actively participate in public and private efforts in development and acceptance of new and improved practices, policies, laws and regulations for on-site wastewater treatment and disposal.
5. Develop, sponsor and support programs to improve on-site wastewater treatment and disposal, including uniform standards for on-site technologies.
6. Participate as a member in other local, state or national associations with common needs, goals or purposes.
7. Do any and all lawful things necessary, convenient or incidental to carrying out the foregoing purposes and to engage in any lawful activity for which corporations may be organized under the Arkansas Nonprofit Corporation Act.
8. Provide for professional representation and contract for assistance and the ability to coordinate and respond to the common needs of members including, without limit, membership benefit programs.
9. No part of the net earnings of the association shall inure to the benefit of any member or any private individual nor shall the association engage in a regular business of a kind ordinarily carried on for profit.