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July 2011





Arkansas Onsite Wastewater Association



                All of the directors of Arkansas Onsite Wastewater Association having consented to the time and place of the meeting held on Thursday, July 21, 2011, 6:00 P. M. at Rural Water Association, Lonoke, AR.


            The meeting was called to order by the chairman; the directors present were:

            Jimmy D. (Don) Daley

            Peggy D. Daley

            William J. Smith

            Michael O’Connor


       I.      Introductions

a.       Attendees introduced themselves, including a short statement on currently held licenses and primary business.

b.      Discussion of potential members who indicated a desire to attendee and/or interest in the Association.

c.       Request that everyone attending the meeting would try to bring two potential members to the next meeting.


    II.      Establishment of the Association

a.       Reason

                                                              i.      Frustration of not being aware of regulation change discussions by ADH,

                                                            ii.      Lack of notification of changes by ‘Memorandums’,

                                                          iii.      Action by special interest groups to change regulations to promote their interests,

                                                          iv.      Lack of any voice (input) in the business (regulations)

b.      History

                                                              i.      Releasing of the Name ‘ARKOWA’ from ADH; name was incorporated by an ADH employee,

                                                            ii.      Incorporation filed, April, 2010,

                                                          iii.      Reviewing Other Associations to Model the By-Laws; primarily used Missouri’s Onsite Wastewater Association By-Laws,

                                                          iv.      Solicitation of money for startup; primarily supplied by Mike O’Connor, Don Daley and Peggy Daley,

                                                            v.      Mass mailing of post cards; determined that the cheapest and fastest way to reach the most Designated Representatives, Septic Installers, Pumpers, and Manufacturers.

1.      David Meints made a suggestion that we join the National Rural Water Association (NRWA) in order to advertise ARKOWA’s existence.


 III.      Discussion of By-Laws

a.       Established as a non-profit,

b.      Stated purpose of the association,

c.       Location of the association,

d.      Membership, Voting and Non-voting,

e.       Directors, Terms,

                                                              i.      David Meints made a motion that the Directors terms start as of the meeting date of this meeting; Seconded and Passed Unanimously.

f.       Officers, Titles, Appointments, Terms,

g.      Meetings, rules regarding establishing a meeting and conducting the meeting,

h.      Dues, establishes the membership dues,

i.        Execution of Instruments, establishes who and when Directors may sign documents,

j.        Records and Reports, all required reports,

k.      Amendment of By-Laws, method of amending the By-Laws,

l.        Fiscal Year, ARKOWA’s is the physical year,

m.    Dissolution, if law to be followed for dissolution of ARKOWA.


 IV.      Possible Organizational Structures

a.       Discussed several different ways,

                                                              i.      Regional Chapters meeting locally,

                                                            ii.      State wide meetings at different locations


    V.      Focus of the Association

a.       Membership

                                                              i.      Contact directly people in the business that are active,

b.      Visibility

                                                              i.      Mike O’Connor suggested having representatives at the Individual Sewage Disposal Advisory Committee (ISDAC) meetings

                                                            ii.      Joe Smith stated that the Hot Springs Convention Center will help promote and setup meetings,

                                                          iii.      David Meints suggested Trade Shows,


 VI.      Committees and Donations

a.       Membership, establish a strong membership base.


VII.      Open Discussion

a.       Agreed that first goal must be to increase membership,

b.      Ideas that would encourage meeting attendance

                                                              i.      Speaker

1.      ADH Environmental Services – example Terry Paul, Sam Dunn

2.      Member of the Arkansas Legislator,

3.      Onsite Wastewater Member from a surrounding state

                                                            ii.      Continuing Education Credit for the meeting,

                                                          iii.      Food


VIII.      Next Meeting

a.       Next meeting will be Tuesday, December 13, 2011

                                                              i.      Mike O’Connor volunteered to be in charge of food,

                                                            ii.      Adam Bray volunteered to cook Bar-B-Q Pork,

                                                          iii.      David Meints volunteered to get a speaker







            No further business having been brought to the meeting, the chairman then called for adjournment, seconded and carried.





                        July 21, 2011













            Waiver of Notice











            The undersigned, being all of the directors of Arkansas Onsite Wastewater Association., consent that the organizational meeting be held at Rural Water Association, Lonoke, Arkansas, by email and phone on May 24, 2011.  We waive any further notice of the meeting.








                                                                        William J. Smith (via phone)





                                                                                                Mike O’Connor (via email)





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